Announcement from Chair of the Board

It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news that our Executive Director, Kate Berman, passed away as a result of a heart attack on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. Kate was an extraordinary person whose kindness, intelligence and generosity were on display in everything she pursued. She loved to take on new challenges and throw her brilliance behind an idea or cause for which she was passionate. It was this full commitment that those of us at the think2perform research institute were privileged to experience every day. Kate was active in connecting with researchers, conducting inspirational live events and pursing her own doctorate on authentic leadership.

Though Kate did amazing work with the t2pri, it was her dedication to her family as a wife and mother that was truly exceptional. Her legacy lives on in her three beautiful, smart and talented children whom she shared with her beloved husband Art.

The world lost a shining light with Kate’s passing. She will be greatly missed.

Please join us in sharing our deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers with her family.

Kris Petersen
Chair of the Board, think2perform Research Institute

Announcing “Leading from Afar”, a t2pRI Virtual Seminar!

April 7, 2020. Join us for a Webinar with t2pRI Fellow Dr. Wendy Anson! The event will be held on April 20, 22 and 24 from 1-2 pm CT. Dr. Anson brings her expert research on worker engagement in virtual environments with her leader coaching experience to offer insights and practical solutions for thriving in the work from home environment.

Only 30 tickets are available. Register now below by following link below!

Register Now!

Hunkering Down on Purpose

March 2020. Purpose expert Richard Leider shares tips on building a meaningful daily routine during the era of self-isolation and coronavirus. He discusses “purpose practices” and techniques for effective and healthy remote work routines. Read more below.

How To Hunker Down On Purpose

Leading in the Worst of Times

“Leadership involves both moral intelligence and moral competence. The first is knowing right from wrong. The second is acting on the first. There is indeed a difference between knowing and doing. Moral Intelligence is our mental capacity to determine how universal principles should be applied to our personal values, goals, and actions.” Doug Lennick reflects on leadership following 9/11 and applies lessons learned to today’s world. Read more below.

Rising to the Privilege of Leadership in the Worst of Times

Living and Leading with Purpose Conference Press Release

November 7, 2019. More than 300 people were held rapt with attention by a stellar lineup of speakers and panelists at today’s Living & Leading with Purpose conference. Twin Cities-based and nationally recognized think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE (t2pri), in collaboration with the Edina Chamber of Commerce, teamed up to sponsor its inaugural halfday conference held at The Westin Edina Galleria. Read more below!

Press Release

2019 Insights Magazine

think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE’s Insights Magazine features articles on how you can unleash the power of moral, purposeful, and emotionally intelligent research. Read articles such as “Rising to the Privilege of Leadership in the Worst of Times” and “Courageousness: The Antidote to the Bystander Effect.” Additionally, hear from Amy Langer of Salo LLC in our leader spotlight. Read it today!

Insights Publication

Leveraging the Power of Purpose to Invest in Future Generations: MinnPost Commentary

November 1, 2019. Executive Director Kate Berman publishes article “Leveraging the Power of Purpose to Invest in Future Generations” in MinnPost. Read more about how investing in future generations is an important pathway to purpose, and how important purpose is to wellbeing. Read our commentary in the news!

MinnPost Commentary: Levaraging the Power of Purpose to Invest in Future Generations

think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE on Two Haute Mamas, WCCO

October 28, 2019. think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE is on the air again, with Lindy Vincent and Sheletta Brundidge of Two Haute Mamas on WCCO. Listen to our conversation about purpose and how it has the power to revitalize your life. Don’t miss our recording!

think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE on Two Haute Mamas

Making the Ideal Real: a think2perform podcast

October 22, 2019. Kate Berman, Executive Director of the think2perform Research Institute, discuss why moral and purposeful leadership is a skillset worth having in the present and in the future on a podcast with Ryan Goulart of think2perform. She explores how recent research is examining ways leaders can implement tools and exercise to increase trust, retention, innovation and inspiration. Listen today!

Exploring moral and purposeful leadership podcast

think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE on Conversations with Al McFarlane

October 8, 2019. Listen to executive director Kate Berman discuss think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE’s mission and the power of leading with purpose on KFAI radio station with Al McFarlane. You don’t want to miss this broadcast!

think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE on Conversations with Al McFarlane

The Power of Purposeful Leadership: A Guide by Richard J. Leider

Are you working towards a greater purpose? Leider challenges you to take his quiz on purposeful leadership to find out how you can optimize your work life and build your own leadership “credo.” By the end of reading this e-book, you will have goals and a plan to work towards your own purpose as a leader!

The Power of Purposeful Leadership: MY LEADERSHIP CREDO, Richard J. Leider

t2pRI Fall Newsletter

What ONE Action Can You Take TODAY to ensure Lifetime Wellness? Read further in our Fall Newsletter to find out the importance of wellbeing from expert, Dr. Carol Ryff! And register for our Living & Leading with Purpose conference today. Additionally, find out about our revamped website with updated information on our research and fellowship opportunities!

Fall Newsletter

PRESS RELEASE: Living & Leading with Purpose

(MINNEAPOLIS September 27, 2019) – Twin Cities-based and nationally recognized think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE (t2pri), in collaboration with the Edina Chamber of Commerce, are teaming up to sponsor its inaugural Living & Leading with Purpose conference to be held at The Westin Edina Galleria. The November 7, 2019 half-day event features a stellar lineup of leading experts[]

Press Release

Live your Life with Purpose! A t2pRI Newsletter Special, Autumn 2019

Did you know that living with purpose can extend your life by SEVEN years? This fall, take the first step in leading YOUR life with purpose! We invite you to join us for our conference on purpose—November 7th—register today! Next, we share books that inspired us to learn. And, of course, we share the latest research on purpose and leadership! Finally, we invite you to apply for our fellowships. Don’t wait—read it today!
Live Your Life With Purpose! t2pRI Autumn 2019 Newsletter

t2pRI Summer Leadership Digest 2019

This summer, read t2pRI-recommended books, sign up for our conference on purpose, and get to know the latest leadership research! First, we invite you to join us for our conference on purpose—November 7th—register today! Next, we delve into what’s new in leadership research, focusing on emotional intelligence and organizational culture. Finally, we review and recommend fascinating reads on leadership ethics and purpose. Don’t miss t2pRI’s summer leadership digest!
t2pRI Summer Leadership Digest

Dynamics of Engineering Leadership by Dr. Halle Horvath

When most people think about engineers, they may not immediately think of leadership. This is evident in cultural stereotypes—introverted, toughminded, with less than average social skills— and in the minimal research conducted to better understand engineering leadership. However, engineers serve in consequential roles across organizations, often closely tied to economic success and ongoing sustainability. Dr. Horvath delves into reasons to study engineering leadership, and implications of such a focus in this publication.


2019 First Quarter t2pRI E-Newsletter

Keep up with t2pRI with our first newsletter of 2019! We feature our latest fellow research, our upcoming events, and advances in leadership research. Additionally, it has details about our new social media presence: Instagram!

t2pRI 2019 Quarter 1 E-Newsletter

Leading from Afar: Engaging Virtual Workers by Dr. Wendy Anson

For better or worse, technology has changed the way people live. This includes how and where they work. Today more than ever before, there are numerous options for highly knowledgeable and skilled workers to work when and where they choose. Business executives are looking for ways to attract and retain the best of these workers; they also need to look for ways to fully engage virtual workers. This publication highlights research on how to engage virtual workers.


Doug Lennick, Co-Founder, and Carol Keers, Change Masters, Introduce the think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

Learn the mission, vision, values and work of the INSTITUTE in less than two minutes.

October 2018 INSIGHTS Magazine

Connect with t2pRI’s vibrant leaders! Our inaugural INSIGHTS issue features the wisdom of thought-leaders Doug Lennick, Kris Petersen, Richard Leider, Jacqueline Johnson AND the latest in leadership research from our cohort of Fellows.

T2PRI INSIGHTS October 2018

September 2018 t2pRI E-Newsletter

Stay informed with the quarterly t2pRI e-newsletter, featuring the latest in leadership thought and practice from our t2pRI Fellows and other experts, delivered directly to your email.

t2pRI September 2018 E-Newsletter

Creating a Culture of Committed Millennials by Eve Tracy Coker

Tapping into the “millennial mindset” remains a challenge. Employers are often in a different career stage, so it doesn’t always seem easy to connect with younger employees. Thankfully, more research coming out shows that maybe millennials — now the workforce majority — aren’t so different from older workers after all.


Brain Training: Mindful Self-Awareness and Leader Performance by Dr. Dutch Franz

A leader is responsible for providing vision, making sound decisions, and motivating others to accomplish organizational goals. Self-awareness serves as a lens through which a leader interprets the internal and external world. The inability to accurately interpret emotions and understand how emotions influence perception can result in poor decision-making in organizational leaders. The research presented here suggests a method to help clear a leader’s lens and make perception more accurate.