Dynamics of Engineering Leadership by Dr. Halle Horvath

When most people think about engineers, they may not immediately think of leadership. This is evident in cultural stereotypes—introverted, toughminded, with less than average social skills— and in the minimal research conducted to better understand engineering leadership. However, engineers serve in consequential roles across organizations, often closely tied to economic success and ongoing sustainability. Dr. Horvath delves into reasons to study engineering leadership, and implications of such a focus in this publication.


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Leading from Afar: Engaging Virtual Workers by Dr. Wendy Anson

For better or worse, technology has changed the way people live. This includes how and where they work. Today more than ever before, there are numerous options for highly knowledgeable and skilled workers to work when and where they choose. Business executives are looking for ways to attract and retain the best of these workers; they also need to look for ways to fully engage virtual workers. This publication highlights research on how to engage virtual workers.


Doug Lennick, Co-Founder, and Carol Keers, Change Masters, Introduce the think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

Learn the mission, vision, values and work of the INSTITUTE in less than two minutes.

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Creating a Culture of Committed Millennials by Eve Tracy Coker

Tapping into the “millennial mindset” remains a challenge. Employers are often in a different career stage, so it doesn’t always seem easy to connect with younger employees. Thankfully, more research coming out shows that maybe millennials — now the workforce majority — aren’t so different from older workers after all.


Brain Training: Mindful Self-Awareness and Leader Performance by Dr. Dutch Franz

A leader is responsible for providing vision, making sound decisions, and motivating others to accomplish organizational goals. Self-awareness serves as a lens through which a leader interprets the internal and external world. The inability to accurately interpret emotions and understand how emotions influence perception can result in poor decision-making in organizational leaders. The research presented here suggests a method to help clear a leader’s lens and make perception more accurate.