The Future Leaders Academy

think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE advances moral, purposeful, and emotionally intelligent leadership. One of the ways we achieve this mission is by developing  young leaders through our Future Leaders Academy.

The Future Leaders Academy helps prepare high-achieving high school (juniors and seniors) and college (freshmen and sophomores) students from economically challenged or underrepresented communities to become exceptional leaders in their homes, communities, schools and workplaces.

On October 16th from 10AM to noon Central, we are conducting a free, single-module pilot training. Participants who take part in the pilot will be asked to provide honest feedback on the content and design of the training so we are able to better able to create a meaningful experience during our full, five-module Future Leaders Academy which will kick off in early 2022.

The pilot training will be facilitated by think2perform vice president Ryan Goulart. With a background in neuroscience, Ryan will help participants learn how to multiply their capacity as leaders by honing the awareness and skills necessary for building, influencing and leading in a team environment.

Designed to augment other leadership programs, this training will help students increase their ability to achieve and sustain breakthrough results by augmenting cognitive intelligence with emotional intelligence. If you are a student who wants to learn how to perform better under pressure, effectively inspire and engage others, and consistently and strategically make better decisions.

Key takeaways participants can expect:

  • Understand why we do what we do based on psychology and neuroscience.
  • Know how to use and apply the think2perform Alignment Model that contributes to leading and developing people and communicating effectively.
  • Discover who your ideal self through an interactive exercise called the Values Card Exercise.
  • Understand and implement an interactive exercise called the freeze exercise into your daily life.
  • Utilize the 4R’s (recognize, reflect, reframe, and respond) to develop differentiating competencies.

This program is provided at no cost to Future Leaders, their families, or educational institutions. ALL STUDENTS IN THE PILOT TRAINING WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE FULL FUTURE LEADERS ACADEMY.


Are You A Future Leader?

We are looking for 20 students from Minnesota who are ready to become Future Leaders in our virtual pilot, happening from 10AM to noon Central October 16, 2021. This program is intended for high school juniors and seniors or college freshmen and sophomores from economically challenged or underrepresented communities. If you are ready to grow your leadership skills, please fill out this form. THE DEADLINE TO APPLY IS OCTOBER 11TH.


Learn More about the Full Future Leaders Academy

In early 2022, think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE is launching a five-module, virtual training program designed to help students become the next generation of leaders in their schools, homes, communities, and eventually in the workplace. The program pairs students to learn alongside experienced leaders already in the workforce. Together they will learn about topics such as:

  • Defining Leadership
  • Learning and Leveraging Emotional Intelligence
  • Is Your Calling Calling?
  • Moral Leadership
  • Five Levels of Leadership

Each module will be facilitated by a nationally-recognized leadership expert who will volunteer their time and expertise for this program. At the conclusion of the five training sessions, Future Leaders and experienced leaders will come together for a live, one-day workshop and celebration in downtown Minneapolis. Each Future Leader will then be matched with an experienced leader in a yearlong mentoring relationship.

To learn more about this unique leadership program and to get details for how to sign up, please email think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE executive director Don MacPherson at

Get Involved

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  • Volunteer. If you are a gifted leadership trainer, please consider volunteering to lead one of our virtual training sessions. Contact us to learn more
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think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE is a Minnesota nonprofit corporation; it is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

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To learn more, contact our Executive Director, Don MacPherson.
Mailing address: 706 Second Ave. S. #271, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: 612-850-4595