Research focused on better leadership and better living.

think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE serves to unlock innovations in leadership by leveraging scientific research to inform and improve real life situations. Through deeper, data-based explorations of human and organizational development, we seek to enhance and expand the influence and effectiveness of individuals and organizations.

First, we invest in thought-leading leadership research by funding Research Fellowships for PhD students, post-docs, junior faculty, and senior faculty.

Once this research has been completed, we share these results with others through our publications.

Second, the practical applications of this research are formulated into skill-development seminars for current and emerging leaders, including inspiring young leaders who participate in our Future Leaders Academy.

We believe everyone is a leader.

The Future Leaders Academy helps prepare high-potential high school (juniors and seniors) and college (first- and second-year) students to become exceptional, emotionally intelligent leaders who lead with their values in our communities, schools and workplaces.

There are no out-of-pocket costs to participate.

We strive to build an intentional, inclusive community for all young leaders. Young people who may not have immediate access to leadership development/mentorship programs and individuals from low-income backgrounds or underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply.

The Future Leaders Academy welcomes a new generation of Future Leader participants each January.  Learn more about the Future Leaders Academy here.

Learn More about our Research Fellowships:

(1) Research Fellowship: Open Call for Proposals

  • Proposals requested by January 15, 2025 (US Central Time)

(2) Directed Research Fellowship:

Learn more about our Research Fellows and their funded projects here.

Purposeful, self-aware leadership is a great gift and an on-going process of learning and change. We’re all re-inventing who we are and how we lead every day and at t2pRI we support research and the practical skill development in moral, purposeful, and emotionally intelligent leadership as a means to creating the foundation for systemic change. The Future Leaders Academy is a critical to achieving our mission.

Brian Hammer, PhD, Executive Director


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