Lennick Faculty Fellowship

Lennick Faculty Fellowship

think2perform Research Institute’s Lennick Faculty Fellowship (LFF) program, named for the organization’s co-founder, supports a full-time doctoral-level university or college faculty in on-going cutting-edge research in moral-intelligence, purpose, or emotional intelligence. 

This fellowship is awarded for a specific research project proposed by the applicant. The proposed project should advance leadership in businesses and non-profits in emotional intelligence, moral intelligence, and purpose.


Once selected, think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE Research Fellows receive the following benefits:

  1. $5,000 to $10,000 research grant, depending on scope of project
  2. Website and social media recognition
  3. Publication opportunities, including a personal profile and summary of findings
  4. Conference presentation opportunities and funding
  5. Professional network development


Applicants should:

  • Be an established full-time university or college faculty member at an accredited institution.
  • Hold an earned doctoral degree.
  • Have a body of prior research work demonstrating interest in moral intelligence, purpose, or emotional intelligence.
  • Complete application requirements by deadline.

Application Timeline – January Cycle

January 15, 2023: Application submission deadline.
February 2023: t2pRI Lennick Faculty Fellows will be announced.
February 2023 – January or June 2024: Award period.

Application Timeline – June Cycle

June 1, 2023: Application submission deadline.
July 2023: t2pRI Lennick Faculty Fellows will be announced.
July 2023 – June or December 2024: Award period.

Application and Evaluation Criteria

The INSTITUTE’s newest program provides support, encouragement and recognition for established faculty members to pursue research aligned with t2pRI’s mission.

Qualifying criteria:

  • Must be a current full-time faculty member with an accredited higher education institution.
  • Candidates for this fellowship should have an existing body of work including published articles or a future research agenda aligned with one of the areas of interest to t2pRI.
  • The research must have practical applications to organizations, including businesses and non-profits.


  • This fellowship offers $5,000-$10,000, for activities related directly to the researcher’s work, such as time, travel, data collection and analytics.
  • The Lennick Faculty Fellow will be profiled and receive recognition in t2pRI’s social media.
  • After completing his/her research, the Lennick Faculty Fellow will be eligible to submit an article summarizing his/her findings for publication on t2pRI’s website.


Research should culminate in:

  • A summary of findings, including recommendations for practical application.
  • A presentation of research findings to t2pRI’s Board of Directors.
  • Upon request, a publication-ready article for t2pRI’s website.
  • Upon request, a presentation of findings at a t2pRI conference.

Application components:

The application for the Lennick Faculty Fellowship consists of the following elements:

  • A 3-5 page proposal describing the research, including background, significance, brief summary of relevant literature, review summary, research question, methods, and expected practical applications and timeline.
  • A 2-page project bibliography.
  • Abbreviated CV including most relevant past publications, two pages maximum
  • A proposed budget for the research
  • Two references able to speak to the quality of the proposer’s research agenda.

Evaluation criteria:

Demonstrated excellence of applicant and proposed research project, including:

  • Applicant body of work and alignment with t2pRI interest areas.
  • Project quality, including intellectual merit and contribution to the field.
  • Anticipated practical application of the findings to organizations, including businesses and nonprofits, and individuals wishing to develop their leadership.
  • Proposed use of funds.

Application submission process:

Applications should be submitted to Executive Director Brian Hammer at bhammer@t2pRI.org by the specified deadline date.

Review process:

Only completed applications will be reviewed. The review process consists of two steps:

  1. The completed application will be reviewed and ranked by the t2pRI Fellowship Review Committee, consisting of members of the t2pRI Board of Directors.
  2. Highly-ranked applicants will be invited to interview with the t2pRI Fellowship Review Committee.A final decision will be made on the basis of the above two steps.

Recommended Background Information For Proposals:

Prospective applicants are encouraged to review the seminal works of t2pRI Board Members and Special Advisors, including:

Further information on t2pRI’s topic interests, prospective candidates should consult the t2pRI website to review research funded to date.

For more information about the Lennick Faculty Fellowship, please contact: Brian Hammer, PhD, Executive Director: bhammer@t2pri.org | +1 612.843.5017