Are Millennial women’s experience of work values different from women in Gen x? How do differences present at work?

Kristen Obarka

Fellow since Apr 2017
Research in process

A comparison case study of millennial and gen x women’s work values


The purpose of this study is to gain insight into whether millennial women describe different work values than the gen xers women.  Parry and Urwin, 2011 suggested the need to explore the differences between two generations of women by focusing on work values as an area of needed research. It has been suggested that the utilization of qualitative methodologies is needed in the investigation in inter-generational dynamics while taking into consideration organizational variables like industry (eg. non-profits) (Urick,2012; Lyons & Kurons , 2013) .  This study will fill the current gap in the existing literature.

If millennial women are looking to get something different out of work as opposed to gen xer women that could be important information for the field of I/O psychology.  It could provide a better understanding to women in the millennial generation in the workforce and generational differences in work values (what they are looking to get out of work).  By exploring a particular group like millennial women, as well as, work values and generational differences it could promote further research in other work-related areas. This information would also be beneficial and have practical uses to companies and organizations; particular non-profits as the sample will be drawn from this area of the workforce.  If differences are found organizations may need to adjust to meet the work values as more millennial women continue to enter the workforce and play a larger role organizations in the future.