Doug Lennick, t2pRI co-Founder,  and Carol Keers, Cahnge Masters Introduce think2perform Research Institute

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Creating a Culture of Committed Millennials by Eve Tracy Coker

Tapping into the “millennial mindset” remains a challenge. Employers are often in a different career stage, so it doesn’t always seem easy to connect with younger employees. Thankfully, more research coming out shows that maybe millennials — now the workforce majority — aren’t so different from older workers after all.


Brain Training: Mindful Self-Awareness and Leader Performance by Dr. Dutch Franz

A leader is responsible for providing vision, making sound decisions, and motivating others to accomplish organizational goals. Self-awareness serves as a lens through which a leader interprets the internal and external world. The inability to accurately interpret emotions and understand how emotions influence perception can result in poor decision-making in organizational leaders. The research presented here suggests a method to help clear a leader’s lens and make perception more accurate.