Future Leaders Academy 2022

Our Mission

think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE was created to advance moral, purposeful, and emotionally intelligent leadership. One of the ways we are achieving this mission is by developing  Future Leaders. These are young people who show promise but may not be able to gain access to the latest leadership learning opportunities.

By creating these new, young leaders, we are helping to solve some of the racial and economic inequalities that are troubling our cities, states, and country.

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Introducing: The Future Leaders Academy

The Future Leaders Academy helps prepare high-achieving high school and college students from economically challenged or underrepresented communities to become exceptional leaders in their homes, communities, schools and workplaces.

The program pairs students with more experienced leaders as they complete a five-module, virtual leadership development program where they learn about moral leadership, purpose, and how to be more effective in leading and in relationships through being emotionally competent.

After the virtual training is complete, all Future Leaders will come together for a one-day in-person training event and celebration in downtown Minneapolis.

Then, each of the young leaders will be matched with an experienced leader for a year-long mentoring relationship.

Every student who completes the program will receive a certificate of completion acknowledging that they are a think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE Future Leader, a credential they can highlight on job and school applications.

This program is provided for no cost to Future Leaders, their families, or educational institutions.


Are You A Future Leader?

We are looking for 20 students from Minnesota who are ready to become Future Leaders in our 2022 cohort. This program is intended for high school juniors and seniors or college freshmen and sophomores from economically challenged or underrepresented communities. If you are ready to grow your leadership skills, please fill out this form. THE DEADLINE TO APPLY IS OCTOBER 4TH.

Get Involved

  • Donate. We are looking for 33 pillar donors who can commit to donating $10,000 annually. And donations as low as $10/month do make a difference. Learn more
  • Volunteer. If you are a gifted leadership trainer, please consider volunteering to lead one of our virtual training sessions. Contact us to learn more
  • Spread the word. Follow us on social media and share our research and programs with others.

think2perform RESEARCH INSTITUTE is a Minnesota nonprofit corporation; it is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

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To learn more, contact our Executive Director, Brian Hammer.
Mailing address: 706 Second Ave. S., Suite 271, Minneapolis, MN 55402 USA
Phone: 612-843-5017
Email: bhammer@t2pri.org