Apply for a Fellowship

Apply for a Fellowship

Application Process
To apply for a research fellowship, carefully review the following information. If you have any questions, please contact Executive Director Brian Hammer, PhD (

Only complete applications will be considered.

Required Application Materials

  1. A cover page that includes:
    Email address
    Home, work & cell phone numbers
    Your academic credentials and specialization
  2. Project title
  3. A current resume or curriculum vitiate
  4. Your Research Proposal.

If a doctoral student, additionally submit:

  1. A current copy of your transcript.
  2. A reference letter from a professor or advisor with their contact information.

Submit all required materials to:
Dr. Brian Hammer, Executive Director

Admission is based on the following criteria:

  • The rigor of the proposed study
  • An interview in which you review your study with t2pRI admission committee members
  • Your academic and professional background
  • The quality of your written and verbal communication skills
  • The alignment of your proposed research with t2pRI’s research objectives

Terms of Acceptance
If you are accepted to the program, you will be required to submit the following materials, some of which may be included on the t2pRI website.

  1. A one-page biography along with a link to your LinkedIn page
  2. A photo
  3. A two or three-page overview of your research project
  4. A four-page synthesis of current research related to your topic with a reference list in APA format.
  5. A final summary of your research once it has been completed.
  6. An agreement in which you allow the institute full-use access to the materials listed above.
  7. A signed FERPA agreement