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Our Mission

think2perform Research Institute aims to be a thought leader in advancing leadership effectiveness by supporting, conducting and disseminating primary research centered on organizational and individual development.

Our Research Process

Working in partnership with higher education, t2pRI promotes the application of scientific methods in management by bringing research findings to the world for practical use. With the intent of producing, promoting and disseminating interdisciplinary research, t2pRI selects fellows to conduct primary research aligned with our research focus. We then support their scholarship with access and training in the development and implementation of high quality research studies. All fellows, associates and board members are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all research methods.

Access to Findings

Our research will be available to organizations and individuals through a number of channels including blogs, trade publications, professional journals, books, workshops, and conference presentations. In addition, we will offer contextual training to increase understanding and useful application of the information and insights derived from our scientific methodologies.

Guiding Principles

think2perform Research Institute is guided by the values of humanistic and organizational psychology. We believe that when people are treated well, they perform more productively and experience greater satisfaction.